Reasons For Divorce Amongst Baby Boomers


In case you don't know this, "Baby Boomers"refers to the generations born between 1946 and 1964, especially in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Post the success of the Second World War that these countries faced, they saw a huge increase in education levels and economy.

This enabled them to have more babies than ever before and hence the name. Well, unfortunately, this generation also experienced a high divorce rate, and it still is. Let us look at some of the reasons behind the reasons for divorce among baby boomers.

Some say that the baby boomers were born into rosy times, with their countries seeing huge financial benefits. Financial experts tell us that some of these people saw their savings being given into them, thanks to huge shifts in real estate markets. If that is to be believed, then one could well imagine that this generation didn't really have to work as hard as their forefathers, and hence inherited a time where they didn't learn to work too hard at achieving success, be it in the professional or personal life.

Maybe that could be among the reasons for divorce among baby boomers - too much to spend, and too little to work towards could well lead to a fall in values. That could be a little too hard on the baby boomers, but then we are trying to look at all the possible reasons.

Others believe that the culture of the sixties and seventies is to blame for a fall in values with the boomers. Of course, this was an era when many of them were in their teens and early twenties. The hippie culture, Woodstock events, the popularity of sex and drugs and rock n roll could well be too hot to handle all at one go.

This period of time saw a huge shift in philosophies of life, and this generation experimented with all social aspects of family structure and personal value systems. However, drugs and rock music are both not as popular as they used to be, and maybe once the time to experiment was over, many of these people saw themselves as being left with the wrong partner. This could definitely be considered as a reason for divorces among baby boomers.

One of the most important social changes that came during the sixties was that of empowerment of women, and it is a lasting and positive change. However, many of the men during the time would not have been prepared for this change, having been raised by conservative parents who always told them that a man's role was this and a woman's role was that.

This has definitely affected marriages between the baby boomers, and could well be a reason that so many of them have seen a broken relationship. Statistics tell us that nearly 50% of baby boomers live single in their old age. That is an alarming state, to say the least. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that the baby boomers, however successful in different aspects of life, have had a higher divorce rate than any generation before.

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