Top 10 Benefits of Swimming for Seniors


The longer we can remain physically active as we age, the longer we will be able to live enjoyable and productive lives. Unfortunately, high impact exercise can have a detrimental impact on the bones, joints and muscles of people over fifty who have not maintained a regular exercise regimen. This is why swimming is an ideal way for seniors to get in shape and improve their overall well being.

One of the main benefits of swimming allows older people to tone and strengthen their bodies in a totally supported way. Regular exercise is extremely important in order to prevent serious health problems such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and some cancers. Exercising regularly combined with a healthy diet can actually reverse the symptoms of some of these diseases. Seniors who exercise a number of times a week have stronger immune symptoms and are able to better fight off disease.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for seniors. It is safe and easy on the body, allowing people to move their bodies without bearing their weight. The human body is approximately the same density as water so that it is easily supported by it, consequently there is far less stress placed on joints and bones as you exercise. When we swim we move our bodies in ways that are fundamentally different than when we exercise in other ways.

There are ten main benefits of swimming for seniors:
1. improved cardiovascular conditioning
2. improved flexibility
3. improved physical appearance due to muscle toning
4. improved posture
5. increased muscle strength
6. eased muscle tension
7. improved balance
8. weight and appetite control
9. stress reduction
10. reduced risk of osteoporosis

Aging does not need to mean substantially decreased mobility. Swimming can lengthen the number of years we can live vibrantly and with enthusiasm. We don't need to feel old as we age if we make a commitment to regular exercise. One of the main benefits of swimming is that it keeps us young for as long as possible.

We will feel better and look better long into the future. In fact, we do not need to have 'declining years' at all if we maintain our health and fitness. Many retirement complexes have swimming pools for residents to use and health and fitness centers often have times at their swimming pools available for senior aerobics and swimming training. Swimming benefits everyone but the benefits to seniors cannot be underestimated.

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